Where to Find Cheap Hotels in Yogyakarta

Cheap hotels in Yogyakarta can be found very easily. One of the supporting factors to make the hotel rooms in Yogyakarta cheaper than other busy cities’ rate is the fact that living cost in Yogyakarta is lower. However, the cheap rate doesn’t cover all hotels in the city. 5 stars or 4 stars hotels have their private calculation, which is not influenced by this living cost.

Choose Budget Hotel

cheap hotels in yogyakarta

Your days will be full of busy schedule in this city. There are many places and city’s festival and ceremonies to see.  Your time in the hotel will be only used to sleep. Thus, choosing a five stars hotel isn’t needed.

Unless you plan to have a holiday only for being lazy in hotel room. You rather book a room in a resort & spa, where situated in a pictureque destination. In the center of the city of Yogyakarta you will not find that kind of resort view. Therefore, you can’t feel the relaxing and refreshing atmosphere. Budget hotels is enough.

Where to Book Cheap Hotels in Yogyakarta

Cheap hotels can be booked at booking-engine sites. One of the most recommended sites is Tiket.com. At this site you can find many promo hotels and discounts. Promo hotels are usually offered by new hotels, while discounts are given by most hotels in low season.

Consider saving a few bucks by choosing a bit outside of city center but near public transportation. You can still get easy downtown access. Small hotels in Yogyakarta are built in this area, where you can understand local culture and see how normal people there live away from the hectic, glamour and tourist traps. To get a hotel with such location, see Google Map and confirm the price of their rooms at Tiket.com.

Try Last Minute Hotel Deal

One of the best idea to get cheap hotel room is making a last minute hotel deal. Tiket.com offers last minute hotel application that is downloadable to your smartphone. You can install that app and find the cheap hotels in Yogyakarta. Last minute hotel booking will save you more money. Believe it!

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