Travel Cheap in Bandung

Bandung is a popular city. What makes it so popular? This city is filled by numerous universities and colleges. Just like what you can see in Jogja, college and university students are everywhere in Bandung. The energy of the youngsters change this city to a more lively city. Other than that the reason, Bandung is known as as Paris van Java. By the collonial the city was designed as a copy of European city. You will see open shops, restaurants, and cafes in town just like what you would see in Paris. The weather also does support the popularity of Bandung. Tourists love to stay here, because the climate isn’t as hot as Jakarta or other cities in Indonesia. Here are the tips to travel Cheap in Bandung.

travel cheap in bandung

Choose Budget Hotel

We won’t recommend dormitory rooms or guesthouse. We give you an option of Budget hotel. Check the hotel rates at and book your room. Choose one room that includes breakfast for the price you pay. Why? The hotel would serve the breakfast in a buffet style. You can east as much as you can. If you don’t like the foods, at least there are breads and eggs to enjoy. Early tea and coffee are available as well. Other than that, you can get free fresh water from dispenser. Bottles of water will be your best companion in exploring Bandung City. Staying at such hotel saves you more money and comfortable facilities.

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Use Angkot

Angkot is minibus with opened door. This local transportation is much cheaper than taxi. You can travel around the town, from factory outlets on Jalan Riau to Jalan Dago.

Eat at Food Stalls

Bandung is known for its most delicious snacks and Sundanese dishes. Eat at food stalls to save you more money. You can satisfy your stomach by only spending money as much as IDR 10.000 inclusive drinks.

Venture the City by Foot

This is a good alternative for you to travel cheap in Bandung and don’t want to enter the crowded tourists’ spots whose the price tag cuts your throat. Enjoying the factory outlets is a must.

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