Tips to Travel Cheap in Indonesia

Traveling in Indonesia would not break your bank. Providing that you plan a budget traveling and use modest facilities, you would not pay higher price tags for the foods you eat, for the hotel room you stay at, and the flight you sit on.

You can extremely cut the flight fare because of the establishment of low cost carriers’ flights such as Airasia, Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air, Citilink, and many more. From Jakarta to Bali you wouldn’t spend more than IDR 500.000. It would be much more cheaper if you book your ticket in advance. Add to that, this country has competitive booking-engine sites, which offer the best prices of travel accommodations.

travel cheap in Indonesia is not only designed to help all travelers get travel cheap in Indonesia. This site is functioned to help you get your best travel amenities wherever, anytime. You can book your hotel room while driving to Bali. You can get the best flight deal ever to Sorong to Raja Ampat when you are still playing with the cool waves in Mentawai. Even if you have a redeye flight and have no place to stay, you can make use of the’s Last Minute Hotel Application. This app allows you get your hotel room within minutes in the best rate ever! is more than that. People in Indonesia love using the site’s services because all are tagged at affordable prices. It serves any type of traverlers, from Backpackers to glamorous travelers.

Cheap Travel Choices

Even though the best hotels and premium flights are available in the site, give more choices for backpackers and budget travelers. It makes your travel cheap in Indonesia more accessible through finger tips. Hostels and guesthouses, or dormitory rooms are offered. Economy train tickets are available. Low cost carriers’ economy seats are discounted. So, what else do you need to make your travel cheap?

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