Tips to Travel Cheap in Bali

Bali is world’s popular destination. The popularity is supported not only by the beauty of the nature, but also the price of the travel expense in the island. Yes, Bali is located in Indonesia where the living cost is lower than developed countries, such as countries in Europe or the United States. You can spend only $2 to enjoy the most delicious food in the world, Rendang and Nasi Padang. Let’s go on to make this article useful for you. Here are the tricks to make your days in Bali the most beautiful days in your life.

travel cheap in bali

Act as Locals

If you plan the cheapest Bali expense, you have to do what the locals do. Get along with them and make friend. They will show you how save your money a lot in Bali. How to take transportation choices, the foods, the hotel room, and many more. Do not see what other tourists commonly do. The most important point is you know the best spots in Bali you want to visit. If that spots require you to spend a lot of bucks, just do it, and the rest of your life in Bali should be sparingly as possible.

Use Bemo  and Local Buses

Bemo and local buses offer rock-bottom prices. They are much much cheaper than taxi. Bem However, you have to learn the routes, timings, and connections. Most locals dictate those all. Frequently ask someone next to you to reach your destination. Or, you can directly ask the bemo or bus driver.

Dormitory Room

Choose a dormitory room rather than boutique hotel. It should be about IDR 50,000 to IDR 80,000. You can book your room at (Check: Karma backpacker House) These rooms usually aren’t air conditioned. For more comfortable standard, it is tagged at IDR 100,000. See the bedrooms of the most locals. They don’t stay at an air-conditioned rooms, and they are fine with this.

Eat at Warung

The foods in Warung are good and cheap. Simple rice and multi-dish meal say to IDR 20,000 to 30,000. You don’t have to pay for ten times these costs in the tourist-oriented restaurant down the road. The taste isn’t far different. All Balines foods are delicious. You only need to eat at warung where locals commonly eat there.

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