The Cheapest Ticket of Bandung Surabaya Flight

Jakarta was the first city your feet stepped in Indonesia. Your flight brought you there. After one night or two in Jakarta, you visited Bandung by train. The next destination is Surabaya. You want to visit Surabaya, and taking flight is the best option, because it takes only 1.5 hour to reach the city of heroes from Bandung. You may compare it with train that takes around 12 hours from Bandung to Jakarta.

The price of the ticket of Bandung Surabaya flight isn’t more expensive than the ticket price of Bandung Surabaya train. The cheapest ticket of Bandung Surabaya flight is IDR 429.500. You can get that price if you book Nam Air ticket and book it at That is a promo flight. Normal price for Bandung to Surabaya flight is around IDR 450.000. Compared to Bandung Surabaya executive train ticket which is tagged at IDR 450.000, tourists would rather take flight than train.

bandung surabaya flight

Nonstop Flights

Bandung Surabaya flight route offers around 8 nonstop flights every day. You can choose one of these airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Air Asia, Lion Air, Nam Air, Citilink, and Wings Air. Garuda Indonesia surprisingly offers great deals for this route. They tag their seats at IDR 591.000. This price is only a bit more expensive compared to the cheapest ticket price which is tagged at IDR 450.000.

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Book Online Ticket

Go to booking-engine site. One of the best sites in Indonesia is They offer many types of travel accommodations, not only flight ticket, but also hotel room reservation, train ticket, car rental, and events and attractions ticket.

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