Singapore to Yogyakarta Flight

There are a lot of reasons to encourage you to take Singapore to Yogyakarta flight without taking flight to Jakarta first. we don’t need to find out your reasons. But, it is important to share that the price of the ticket will be more expensive than the ticket of Singapore to Jakarta flight.

We have observed several booking-engine sites to make this price comparison. The cheapest offers are found at We made in-advance flight booking to get cheaper prices. You have to know it that a same day flight booking will only give you a higher price ticket. It is recommended to book your flight several weeks ahead of the date of the trip.

singapore to yogyakarta flight

Singapore to Yogyakarta Flight Ticket Prices

Most of Singapore to Yogyakarta flights are connecting flights. There is only one nonstop flight available to book. It is operated by AirAsia. The ticket price of the flight is USD 81.12. That is a promo flight offered by

You might think that the connecting flights will be much more expensive compared to the nonstop flights. No, not at all. You are totally wrong. Most of the connecting flights are  tagged at cheaper prices. Below are the names of the airlines operating flights for Singapore to Yogyakarta flight and followed with the prices of the tickets.

Lion Air puts a price of USD 69.43.

Batik Air offers their seats at USD 100.01.

Airasia tags their seats at USD 81.12.

There are only 3 airlines serve flights at this route.

Take Flight to Jakarta

It is possible to transit in Jakarta first and continue your trip to Yogyakarta by train. It will save you more money, but take much of your time. A trip from Jakarta to Yogyakarta by train takes 8 hours. You can take low cost carrier flight and book economy train ticket. book your ticket in advance, and make sure you choose the right schedules to avoid staying in Jakarta even for one night. It will save you hotel room rate.


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