Online Ticket Booking for Train at is one of the most visited booking-engine sites in Indonesia. One of their most-searched services is train ticket booking. It is caused by the fact that this site is the first site other than the official site of railway company serves people online ticket booking for train. When other booking-engine sites even haven’t been constructed, came offering train ticket booking and other types of travel accommodations. Now you can get other sites selling train ticket, but is still the one which prints good tracks in people’s mind.

The process of online ticket booking for train at is completely easy. Open the site, or download the application. Click on Train Tab. Choose your departure and arrival. Know the names of the stations. If you don’t have any idea where to find out the names of the stations for the train route, contact the customer service. Use live chat facilitation.

online ticket booking for train

Learn the Trains and the Names of the Stations

Each station is functioned to serve certain types of train. There are 3 types of train in Indonesia. This is all related with carriage classes. They are economy train, business train, and executive train. Executive and business trains depart from different stations. Trains which use south or north routes from Surabaya to other cities in Java will also use different stations.

Executive trains normally use bigger stations, while economy trains use a smaller stations. There is no train which is originally designed for business class. The business carriages are towed with executive trains. But, not all of executive trains are coupled with the business carriages. Some of executive trains are also towed with economy carriages.

Trains from Surabaya which traverse north route or northern Java will use Pasar Turi Station as departure station. Trains from Surabaya which travel to southern Java route will depart from Surabaya Gubeng Station.

Those information should be discovered by all tourists who need online ticket booking for train.

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