Malaysia to Lombok Flights

Malaysia to Lombok flights tips are here. Lombok has international airport, called Lombok International Airport. The name is truly simple. It’s not that simple to book Malaysia to Lombok flights.

You are advised to use booking-engine site and click on or tick each day of the calender given as popup to ease your search for flight. Why? Lombok is an international airport, that is true. But, Lombok isn’t as big as Jakarta where many flights come and stop. Lombok only receives some flights from other countries. Even if you can find international flights visit this airport, they don’t operate their planes every single day to this airport. They fly nonstop to Lombok probably only twice or three times a week.

To easily get Malaysia to Lombok flights you can go to booking-engine site. Choose local booking-engine site to ease your search. Lombok is located in Indonesia, and thus you had better check the flights for the route at one of the country’s best booking-engine sites. Can you name it to a few? We have good alternative, clearly shows you the names of the airlines which fly to Lombok, their schedules, and the prices of their tickets. If you want a nonstop flight, while there is even one can’t be found, change your day at the calendar, you probably will get different names of planes and different schedules as well.

malaysia to lombok flights

For flights from Malaysia, it is Air Asia which commonly dominate the flights, remembering this airline is based in the country. They offer nonstop flight from Kuala Lumpur to Lombok. The ticket is quite affordable, USD 198.88 and USD 226.17

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Other than Air Asia you can book Malindo Air and Lion Air’s tickets. Most of them connecting flights though. The prices of the tickets are much cheaper. Lion Air gives you USD 85.32 for their cheapest ticket, while Malindo offers USD 105.53 for the cheapest seat.

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