Last Minute 5 Star Hotels Surabaya

If flight ticket is recommended to be booked earlier or in advance, your hotel room should be reserved in last minute. Why? All airlines would increase their price ticket for a same day reservation, while hotel room will be tagged at lower price if you book the room in a peak season when most rooms in the hotel have been booked. Hotel management doesn’t like their rooms sit empty. They will offer the the empty rooms to last minute hotel websites or last minute hotel applications. The prices offered are much cheaper than the prices you would find when you book the hotel in advance. Proof it.

last minute 5 star hotels surabaya

5 Stars Hotels

Most hotels which offer the special room rates in last minute hotel websites or applications are 5 star hotels. Therefore, you will find it easy to get last minute 5 star hotels Surabaya when you travel to Indonesia. A lot of hotels here know the phenomenon of using hotel booking sites to reserve a hotel room and get fantastic deals among travelers.

Even though Surabaya has one year full of peak season, you still can get the best last minute hotel deals. There are certain times when the occupation rate is lower. It creates good opportunity for you to book last minute 5 star hotels Surabaya.

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One of the best booking-engine sites in Indonesia is Do not only rely your search on their web pages. Download their special application,’s last minute hotel application. This app will show you the best last minute 5 star hotels Surabaya deals. is recommended for best hotel deals because they offer so often promo hotel rooms. Their deals include 70 percent hotel rate discounts! What a hotel deal! Stay at a five stars hotel with 70 percent discount means a lot to travelers.


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