Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta

It takes only one hour to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta by flight. Thanks to low cost carriers which transport people from one place to another very easily because of their cheap tickets. There are many flights serve this route, including Lion Air, Tigerair, AirAsia, Malindo Air, JetStar, and Garuda Indonesia.

Garuda Indonesia isn’t low cost carrier, but their economy flight isn’t tagged at expensive prices. The cheapest ticket of Garuda is around IDR 1.067.800. Compared to the cheapest flight from the low cost carrier, which is offered by Lion Air, Garuda is easily defeated. Lion Air tags their seats at IDR 642.685.

You might think Airasia would win the competition, because this airline is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You may get wrong, because the price of the flight tickets are commonly changeable. Today Lion Air tags their seats at the cheapest ticket, but tomorrow it’s probably Airasia which hold the place as the cheapest flight provider. Airasia doesn’t always offer the cheapest flight though. At this time this airline tags their cheapest ticket at IDR 726.445. They also tag expensive seats which are as much as IDR 1.456.541 and are designed to compete with Garuda or other premium flights.

kuala lumpur to jakarta

What Invites you to Jakarta?

You might be a backpacker who travel around the world. Traveling in one city won’t be enough. You would never come back home without exploring one region, including all countries listed in the region. People know it. After exploring Kuala Lumpur, you may need to compare it to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

Jakarta is skipped by so many tourists. They don’t think this city is interesting. It has only maddening traffic, concrete jungle, hot and humid weather. However, there is more to it. Jakarta has the best nightlife in South East Asia region. Believe it. Thailand would never be able to beat Jakarta. If you have nothing to think about what to do in Jakarta that makes you take the travel from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta, it can be yours then.

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