Jakarta to Singapore Flights

Singapore is Indonesian’s favorite destination. People make it a place to take rest, enjoy holiday, and shopping. Because Singapore is relatively closed to this country, they make it the best instant getaway. The price of the ticket of Jakarta to Singapore flights is affordable. Take low cost carrier and you would never consume more than IDR 1.000.000 for one flight seat.

Singapore can be your next destination after exploring Indonesia. Your first trip here is probably Bali, Lombok, and several cities in Java Island, and now you want to continue your trip abroad, Singapore. There are so many interesting sights to enjoy. Make sure you spend so much time in the small country. You will find all satisfying.

jakarta to singapore flights

The Ticket Price to Singapore

Nonstop Jakarta to Singapore flights are numerous. Here are the names of the airlines.

We observe the prices of the tickets of Jakarta to Singapore flights. The cheapest flight is offered by Tigerair. You only have to pay as much as IDR 406.224 to get your flight seat. The most expensive flight is offered by Garuda. They tag their seat at IDR 1.624.200. However, Garuda doesn’t play that easy by giving people only one option. They operate 9 flights every day. The cheapest Garuda ticket is tagged at IDR 1.098.200. The average ticket price is IDR 1.236.200.

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Book Your Flight Online

You should book your ticket online, because the location of the airport isn’t at the center of the town. You can buy at travel agent, but as a tourist it takes time to ask people where the nearest agent is from your current location. Booking your ticket online is easy and can be done anytime. Go to Tiket.com and book promo flight. They offer it every day!

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