Jakarta to Bandung Flight

Jakarta to Bandung flight is not a favorite flight route. People from Jakarta would rather take train than flight to travel to Bandung. Based on that reason, airline companies do not offer a lot of flights to Bandung. However, you can still catch the flight. All Jakarta to Bandung flights are connecting flights, though.

Jakarta to Bandung Flight Ticket Prices

Because the flights offered are all connecting flights, passengers would pay higher.

jakarta to bandung flightLion Air offers 15 connecting flights. The prices of the tickets are IDR 930.000, IDR 971.000, IDR 1.106.500, IDR 1.236.200, and IDR 1.444.000. For the highest price tickets those are charged by 2 connecting flights. You will not transit one time, but two times at different airports.

Citilink offers 3 connecting flights. The prices of the tickets are IDR 929.500, IDR 1.640.350, and IDR 1.694.500.

Take Train from Jakarta to Bandung

You can take train from Jakarta to Bandung. It takes only around 2 hours to reach Bandung. The price range of the train ticket is rather wide. The cheapest executive ticket is tagged at IDR 100.000. The most expensive executive ticket is IDR 120.000. The name of the train is Argo Parahyangan. This executive train is towed with business carriages. Business class train offers the cheapest ticket at IDR 75.000, while the most expensive business ticket is tagged at IDR 90.000.

You can other train options. They are economy trains, named Serayu Pagi 222 and Serayu Malam 226. The price of the economy ticket is IDR 68.000.

Book Your Ticket in Advance

It is highly recommended to book your ticket in advance, because Jakarta to Bandung is a busy route. People would rather take train than Jakarta to Bandung flight to avoid consuming much money. They don’t like taking bus to avoid the maddening traffic in Jakarta.

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