Jakarta Surabaya Flight Garuda

Garuda Indonesia is the number one airline in Indonesia. This is the award winning company. Many awards both local and international awards are crowned to Garuda. One of them is the World’s Best Cabin Crew. They offer best flight amenities and better facilities compared to all competitors in Indonesia. No wonder that their ticket prices are tagged higher than the other airlines.

Garuda flies to many other countries in the world, from the east to the west. This company rules domestic flight routes. For short distance flight, Garuda flies more planes than other companies. When other airlines operate 5 to 16 schedules for Jakarta Surabaya route, Garuda offer 17 flight schedules.

jakarta surabaya flight garuda

Garuda Ticket for Jakarta Surabaya Flight

Jakarta Surabaya flight Garuda is one of the most typed keywords at Google. Tourists and locals love to fly with Garuda. Most of us would not like the price of the ticket, because there are many other low cost carriers which offer cheaper tickets. But if we have the chance to fly with Garuda, we would happily accept it. More importantly, we only need to pay a half of the normal price.

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Prices of Garuda Tickets

Normal prices of Garuda ticket for Jakarta Surabaya flight are tagged at IDR 714.000, IDR 934.000, IDR 1.022.000, and IDR 1.110.000. You will get free 20Kg baggage fee, free airport tax, and free foods and drinks.

Other than Garuda’s base site, the ticket of this airline is sold at Tiket.com, one of the best booking-engine sites in Indonesia. This site is highly recommended, because they won’t only offer Garuda Ticket, but also many types of travel accommodations, including hotel room reservation, train ticket reservation, car rental booking, and events and attractions ticket booking. Go to the site and you will find so many promo flights offered every day.

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