Jakarta Makassar Flight

Before explaining a lot about Jakarta Makassar flight, it is good to share about Makassar charms. People come to Makassar to get alternative tourists’ spots. They want to travel to a destination which isn’t sounded so often. Places like that one commonly offers “hidden treasure” which only a limited number of people know about it. Let’s find what Makassar offers to tourists.

jakarta makassar flight

Losari Beach. This beach gives you beautiful sunset. Before the dusk this is a crowded beach. So many snack sellers come and peddle their foods and drinks. One of the most popular snacks is Pisang Epe. Losari is not something special, because a lot of people come here every single day. But, this is a good spot to start your adventure in Makassar.

Samalona Island. This island is only 2 Km from the center of Makassar. If you have been to Gili Trawangan, you will feel the same ambiance in this island. They have the most beautiful coral reefs. It’s paradise!

Rammang Rammang. We don’t know the meaning of Rammang Rammang. We only know this is a place of a karst mountain. Because of the scenery at the area is amazingly beautiful and is surrounded by ancient relics, green rice fields, and crystal clear river, people call it stone forest park. In conclusion, the landscape of Rammang Rammang is fantastic.

Book Jakarta Makassar Flight

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