How to Travel Cheap in Yogyakarta

Compared to other big cities in Java Island, Yogyakarta has lower living cost. Yogyakarta, which is called as Jogja by the people, knows how to let the residents happy. You can fuel your starve with only IDR 10.000 or USD 1 inclusive a glass of iced tea. At night, you can even find much much more lower-priced foods at Angkringan, food stalls at the side of the streets with Nasi Kucing and Gorengan as the main dishes.

You have to live like a college student from a simple family to travel cheap in Yogyakarta. Yes, you can extremely trim your hotel room and foods budget by imitating how they life. It’s good to find a friend from a travel forum. Get along with them, make friend, and let them be your best guide in Jogja. It gives you more than travel cheap in Yogyakarta, but also authentic Yogyakarta’s life.

travel cheap in yogyakarta


Be friendly is the key to get the best friends. Don’t even stay at budget hotel, choose a guesthouse, such as EDU Hostel or Casa Raffles Guesthouse. The rates of their rooms are around USD 5,98 and USD 6,35. Book your room at

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Use Trans Jogja

You can travel on foot, but it would be so tiring, because Jogja is too warm for those of you, who are accustomed with four-season weather. Use Trans Jogja to travel from one sight to the other. The bus rate is so affordable. Becak is everywhere, and tourists love taking becak to sight seeing, but Becak drivers know so well that tourists are charged with much much higher rate.

To travel to Borobudur Temple or Prambanan Temple it is advised to take local bus. Go to the bus terminal and choose Magelang route for Borobudur Temple. As for Prambanan route, you can take bus with Klaten or Solo route.

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