Get Last Minute Hotel Batam Is Easy

last minute hotel batamBatam is a wonderful destination. Visit this island and you will get unforgettable holiday experience. Even if you plan to visit Batam for a business travel, still you can enjoy your trip and make use of it as short holiday.

Getting last minute hotel Batam is easy. gives you all you need. Their new application, what so called Last Minute Hotel application is now downloadable. Use this and make hotel room reservation at the last minute before your departure. What makes it much more interesting is that you can get good rates or hotel voucher!

Batam Tourist Spots

One of the biggest attraction of Batam is the city’s seashore view, and of course there are so many beaches and tourist attractions to visit. They are:

Marina Beach

Marina Beach offers beautiful view, park, children playground, and food courts. It is good to stay at a hotel near by the beach. There is a number of hotel choices at this area, ranging from the low budget hotel to the exclusive hotel.

Barelang Bridge

Barelang Bridge is one of the most popular Batam’s city icons. This bridge connects the center of Batam to the industrial area. People love visiting the bridge at the afternoon and enjoy the sunset.

Melur Beach

Melur Beach is the queen of batam’s destinations. It has white sand, crystal clear water, calm wave, and green trees. The perfect place to get peaceful mind.

Fast Ferry from Singapore to Batam

Tourists, travelers, or backpackers would love to visit Batam after staying several nights in Singapore, or vice-versa. People who have spent several days in Batam may need to visit Singapore as their next holiday destination.

Interestingly, you can use fast ferry to Singapore after your trip in Batam. Let’s say you can enjoy double holiday. Go to Batam Ferry Terminal. The ferry operators include Batam Fast and Sindo Ferry. Choose the right ferry that will drive you to the nearest harbour from your next destination or hotel.

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