Flight Ticket Surabaya Jakarta

Flight ticket Surabaya Jakarta can be booked at Tiket.com. You don’t need to use other popular or world’s most used flight search engine. Tiket.com as a local booking-engine site offers better, cheaper flight ticket for domestic routes in Indonesia, including flight ticket Surabaya Jakarta.

The Cheaper Seats

The cheaper tickets are offered by Air Asia. Their cheapest tickets are tagged at USD 34.30. Lion Air is at the second place with USD 34.63. Following at the third position, Citilink offers USD 34.67 price tag. Next, Batik Air tag their seats at USD 39.55. Sriwijaya Air gives passengers a bit more expensive price with USD 40.24 price tag. The cheapest ticket from Garuda Indonesia is USD 54.48.

Each airline actually flies more than one flight for this route, and each flight schedule offers different price tag. The above prices are the cheapest prices of flight ticket Surabaya Jakarta of each airline. Book your ticket in advance to get cheaper prices. It has been a secret widely known that airline would put higher prices for same day reservation. If you book your ticket in advance, at least you can save a bit more money.

flight ticket surabaya jakarta

Reasons to Choose Tiket.com

Book flight ticket Surabaya Jakarta at Tiket.com and you will see why many people call it a highly recommended booking-engine site in Indonesia. They offer promo flight every single day, providing that you book your ticket in advance.

Other than that, their customer service team will serve you with the best services. Yes, they will inform you when to do boarding. Also, you will be “accompanied” until you get off the plane. Their Tix point reward program is interesting. You can get free hotel room with your Tix point.

Tiket.com offers many types of travel accommodations, and people love a website with versatile services. They can use the site to book any type of accommodation. Your flight ticket, hotel room, car rental are all prepared by the site.

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