Flight Ticket Bandung to Bali

It’s good news that flight ticket Bandung to Bali is easy to get. You don’t need to go to the airport or travel agent. Book the ticket online and everything will be done in minutes. Your credit cards will be happily received. Tiket.com is one of the booking-engine sites receiving the overseas credit cards.

After doing some observations we found the site is one of the best sites Indonesian visit the most. They use this site because there are several types of travel accommodations offered. It has car rental booking, hotel room reservation, train ticket booking, events and attractions ticket. their customer service team is the best. They will be ready to answer all of your questions. You can contact them very easily through live chat, email, or phone. Once you book your ticket at Tiket.com, they will be your best friend immediately. They will be your reminder of boarding pass time. You will be contacted until you arrive at the city of your destination.

Well, let’s back to the topic, flight ticket Bandung to Bali.

flight ticket bandung to bali

Bandung to Bali Flight Prices

  • Lion Air tags their seats at USD 36.28.
  • Air Asia tags their seats at USD 36.28.
  • Citilink tags their seats at USD 36.28.
  • Garuda tags their seats at USD 58.14.

Those flights are all nonstop flights. Each airline actually offers several flight schedules each day. Those prices are the cheapest prices offered by the airlines. There are other more expensive tickets offered by each airlines, but we don’t include them into the list.

Do Not Travel to Jakarta

Because of the prices of the tickets are affordable, you don’t need to travel to Jakarta first to catch the cheaper flight ticket to Bali. That would consume much of your time. You find a lot of flight schedules of Bandung to Bali. That means the people in Bandung welcome the flight route so happily. The demand for the flight route is relatively high.

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