Flight Ticket Bali Lombok

Bali has given you all it has, beautiful beaches, temples, culture and tradition shows, Ubud and its green scenery, delicious foods, resorts and spas and many more. You feel that those all aren’t enough. Now you want to continue to Lombok. You feel it is needed to explore other destinations in Indonesia, and Lombok is Bali’s nearest neighbor offering another travel story and experience. Lombok surely comes with charms and beauty which are different from Bali.

3 Gilis

flight ticket bali lombok

Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air are three islands talked so frequently among travelers in Lombok. They adore Gili Trawangan so much, though. This island is told as a paradise of global repute island. One of Indonesia’s top destination. Most interestingly, you will find bohemian character here. Reggae music is everywhere.

You can do many things in Gili Trawangan, just like activities you can do in Maldives, swimming, snorkeling, diving, and many more. Enjoying the white sand beaches is another luxury. Lie down lazily and forget all the stressful days.

How to Get to Lombok

If you want to take flight ticket Bali Lombok, it is good to book your ticket online and make early reservation. Therefore, Lombok should be included into your itinerary in Indonesia. We recommend Tiket.com. This is the best booking-engine site in Indonesia. If you book your earlier, Tiket.com would give you so many promo flight options.

Below are the names of the airlines to take you to Lombok from Bali.

The cheapest flight ticket is offered by Lion Air. Their tickets are tagged at IDR 223.000. Wings Air puts a price of IDR 256.000 and IDR 289.000. Garuda Indonesia tags their seats at IDR 454.000 and IDR 481.500.

Flight is not the only alternative to take you to Lombok, but most tourists would rather take the flight ticket Bali Lombok because the prices of the tickets offered by low cost carriers are relatively affordable.

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