Cheap Flights from Malaysia to Indonesia

Backpackers would love to travel from one country to another country. They usually would never stop traveling for years. Their stop would be about private reason, not about getting no new places to explore. Once they come to South East Asia region, they would jump from one country to another. After visiting Singapore, you will go to Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos.

You may skip some small countries in this region, but never skip Indonesia, because this country has wonderful Bali. After a short trip to Singapore and Malaysia, you would spend much and much more time in Bali. Because, this Gods Island offers perfect magnetism of tropical island, beautiful beaches, white sand and crystal clear turqoise ocean, or you can move to Ubud where green landscape, rice fields, and verdant forest are well maintained, giving you the mystical, exotic ambiance you never found elsewhere in the world.

Fly from Malaysia to Indonesia  

Cheap Flights from Malaysia to Indonesia

Cheap flights from Malaysia to Indonesia are easy to book. Just go to and the low cost carriers’ tickets are abundant. The cheapest ticket is tagged at USD 39.27. The most expensive ticket is offered by Malindo Air on certain days. You have to pay for as much as USD 62.17 for each of their seat. If you want fly with premium class flight, you can choose Garuda Indonesia, but this airline doesn’t operate their flights every day for Malaysia to Jakarta route. Their tickets are tagged at USD 80.08. Fly with Garuda and you will fly safely, comfortably.

Backpackers would rather choose cheap flights from Malaysia to Indonesia, because they don’t need that luxury for flight services. They appreciate traveling is more than money. They also arrange their itinerary very well in advance. If you are one of them, you can try booking your flight ticket at There you will get promo flights, cheap flights from Malaysia to Indonesia very easily. Try it!

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