Booking Hotel Indonesia Tips

There is only a few travel blogs discussing about booking hotel Indonesia. When you type the keywords on Google search box, you will see only booking-engine sites. They don’t give you good hotel searching tips in the country. Travel blogs that pick this topic usually use Bahasa.

We are not telling you we have good tips about booking hotel Indonesia. We just share our friends experience reserving hotel room in the country.

booking hotel indonesia

Choose Your Destination

You have to choose your destination before booking hotel Indonesia. There are a lot of cities attract tourists attention, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Medan, and Semarang. The most visited island is Bali, Lombok, Karimun Jawa, and Raja Ampat.

Each city offers different hotel rates. What you pay in Raja Ampat will be so much expensive compared to the hotel room with the same amenities in Yogyakarta. It is because the island has higher living cost than Yogyakarta.

Set A Budget

Your budget rules the type of the hotel you will choose. Fortunately, booking hotel Indonesia will be an easy task, because this country has a wide range of hotel choice. It has hostel, guesthouse, boutique hotel, and luxurious hotel. Any types of travelers are welcome here. Even if you have only a limited amount of money, you can enjoy still the beauty of Indonesia.

The cheapest dormitory bed is tagged at IDR 65.000, while the most luxurious hotel rooms can be tagged at around IDR 6.000.000. The prices are the result of our observation at, the leading Indonesia’s local booking-engine site. Modest boutique hotel rooms are tagged at IDR  300.000 to IDR 700.000.

Now start your hotel search. You can book your hotel room via booking-engine site or the hotel’s base site. Make sure you have checked the true location of the hotel at Google Map right before processing your reservation. Don’t be trapped by the website copy tells you their hotel is 15 minutes walk from town square, while the reality is it takes 15 minutes by taxi.

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