Air Ticket Bandung Singapore

As usual we rely our search of air ticket Bandung Singapore information on We don’t like visiting the official sites or base sites of the airlines companies, because it will consume much of our time. The number of airline companies who offer flights for busy routes is abundant. We couldn’t make a good price comparison if we take so much time of checking the ticket prices one by one. Add to that, we have to check the flight map of the airline first to see whether or not one company operates their flight for the routes.

From we found out that there are 3 airlines serve passengers to travel from Bandung to Singapore. The air ticket Bandung Singapore is relatively affordable. The cheapest ticket is offered by AirAsia. They tag their seats at USD 44.39. Garuda Indonesia offers their seats at USD 191.08. The two airlines operate nonstop flights for this route. Malindo Air offers one connecting flight and tags their seats at USD 102.01.

air ticket bandung singapore

Book Your Ticket Earlier

Just like many other online booking tips, air ticket Bandung Singapore should be booked in advance. The prices of the tickets we share here are all based on information search of early booking ticket. We found it that a same day reservation is tagged at higher prices.

Most of you may ask why the number of the airline which operate their flights on this route is truly limited. It is because of the low demand of the air ticket Bandung Singapore. People would like to travel to Jakarta first before taking flight to Singapore. Most of them would take train to visit Jakarta and continue their trip to the airport by taking Damri Bus.

Cheaper Flight from Jakarta

The prices of the ticket flights from Jakarta to Bandung is much cheaper than air ticket Bandung Singapore. The cheapest ticket is tagged at USD 24.59 from AirAsia. Providing that you take economy train ticket you can save more money to travel from Bandung to Singapore by first transiting in Jakarta.

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